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My canvases are hand painted and made with love! They make for great gifts or a little something for yourself. I can put anything you want on the canvas and do any size you want! I can ship anywhere in the United States. Browse around the site to get some great ideas!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Show Us Your Life!

Thanks to Kelly for hosting SUYL What Do You Make?

Obviously, I make hand painted canvases! I love painting them, it is very relaxing for me! They come in all different sizes and you can pick ANYTHING you want to put on it. Here are some ideas:

-bible verses
-last names
-one letter per canvas in a name (you would probably use small canvases...very cute!)
-sorority name
-teacher name (ex. Ms. Alfano)
-family name (ex. The Champions)
-Home Sweet Home
-Dorm Sweet Dorm
-anything seasonal such as Merry Christmas, Happy Fall, Happy Thanksgiving, etc.
-monogram or initials
-favorite high school/college/pro team

There are endless possibilities! Each comes with a cute ribbon!

Prices depend on what size you order. If you look to the right on my blog, I have standard sizes and prices. Anything bigger or smaller, I do on a canvas by canvas basis. Also, if I have to ship it, I add that cost on.

I have been such a slacker lately posting canvases! I am so sorry! I have done many since the last time I posted but I really don't have a computer right now (I am on my boyfriend's). My computer crashed so I was using my boyfriend's old one and now the keyboard on that one isn't working! So I really have nowhere to upload pictures...sad I know! I have also been away from my apartment for 3 weeks (yea summer!) so I do not have my camera to computer connector cord. I will upload my new paintings soon!

If you would like to order, please email me at kealfano@gmail.com.

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